Historic Scotland

HS-Conservation-of-Plasterwork-1994Technical Advice Notes, Guides for Practitioners, Lime News, Research Report, Conference Abstracts.

Technical Advice Notes

  • Preparation and use of Lime Mortars (1994/1995) + Re-edição (2003)
  • Conservation of Plasterwork (1994) + Re-edição (2002)
  • Performance Standards for Timber Sash and Case Windows (1994)
  • Thatch & Thatching Techniques (1996) – A guide to conserving Scottish thatching traditions
  • The Hebridean Blackhouse (1996) – A guide to materials, construction and maintenance
  • Earth Structures and Construction in Scotland (1996) – A guide to the Recognition and Conservation of Earth Technology in Scottish Buildings
  • Access to the Built Heritage (1996) – Advice on the provision of access for people with disabilities to historic sites open to the public
  • Maintenance and Repair of Standing Structures (2001)
  • Care and Conservation of 17th Century Plasterwork in Scotland (2004)
  • Fire Safety Management in Heritage Buildings (2005)
  • Corrugated Iron and other Ferrous Cladding (2005)
  • Stonemasonry materials and skills: A methodology for surveys of sandstone building facades (2007)

Guides for Practitioners

  • Measured Survey and Building Recording (2003)

Lime News

  • International Lime Conferences – Proceedings (vol. 4, nº 1)

Research Report

  • Chemical Consolidants and Water Repellents for Sandstones in Scotland (2003)
  • Evaluation of Limestone and Building Limes in Scotland (2003)
  • The Consequences of Past Stone Cleaning Intervention on Future Policy and Resources (2003)
  • The Performance of Replacement Sandstone in the New Town of Edinburgh (2004)
  • Laser Stone Cleaning in Scotland (2005)

Conference Proceedings

  • Conservation of Historic Graveyards (2002)

Reference Report

  • Building Stones of Scotland (2003)
  • Sources of Financial Assistence for the Conservation of Scotland’s Historic Graveyards (2004)

Literature Review

  • Mortars in Historic Buildings (2003)


  • Dictionary of Scottish Building Building. Glen L. Pride (1996)
  • Scottish Conservation Handbook (1999)

Focus – Technical Conservation Group

  • Built environment: to inform and sustain the conservation, repair and maintenance of the (2009)
  • Informing the Conservation of the Built Enviroment (2011)

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