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Cover and technical information

pp. 1-2, Portuguese and English

DOI: 10.14568/cp15-16fm1

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The altarpiece of the Transit of the Soul of Saint Bernard of the Real Monastery of Saint Mary of Alcobaça: history, execution and conservation

André Varela Remígio

pp. 3-30, Portuguese

DOI: 10.14568/cp15-16_1

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The restoration works of a captain in 1894 – The portraits of the viceroys of India (Archaeological Museum of Goa) and the artistic side of Gomes da Costa

Vera Félix Mariz

pp. 31-41, Portuguese

DOI: 10.14568/cp15-16_2

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Aspects of the civil architecture of the nineteenth century in São Luís do Maranhão, Brazil

Margareth Gomes de Figueiredo, Humberto Varum, Aníbal Costa

pp. 41-68, Portuguese

DOI: 10.14568/cp15-16_3

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Author guidelines

pp. 69-71, Portuguese

DOI: 10.14568/cp15-16bm1

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Publication: 2013-4-16
Online: 2017-10-3

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