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N.º 17
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DOI: 10.14568/cp17


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Cover and technical information

pp. 1-4, Portuguese and English

DOI: 10.14568/cp17fm1

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Opening remarks

Rui Camara Borges

pp. 5-6, Portuguese and English

DOI: 10.14568/cp17fm2

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António João Cruz, Francisca Figueira, Maria João Revez

pp. 7-9, Portuguese and English

DOI: 10.14568/cp17fm3

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Microbiological diversity in the Unfinished Sacristy building of the Convent of Christ, Tomar, and evaluation of its biocide-based control

Dina M. R. Mateus, Renata B. Silva, Fernando M. C. Costa, João P. F. Coroado

pp. 11-20, Portuguese

DOI: 10.14568/cp2012005

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Architectonic and constructive characterisation of the old urban centre of Seixal, Portugal

Tiago Miguel Ferreira, Cátia Santos, Romeu Vicente, J. A. Raimundo Mendes da Silva

pp. 21-37, Portuguese

DOI: 10.14568/cp2012008

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The main altarpiece of Our Lady of the Elms church in Torre de Juan Abad, Spain: technical study and condition state

Rosario Llamas, Ana Isabel Santos

pp. 39-58, Spanish

DOI: 10.14568/cp2012007

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The imperial coach of D. Pedro II: DNA fungal identification in selected materials and its relation to biodeterioration and aerobiology

Márcia Teresa Soares Lutterbach, Ana Lucia Chaves de Oliveira, Eliane Marchesini Zanatta, Antonio Carlos Augusto da Costa

pp. 59-72, Portuguese

DOI: 10.14568/cp2013003

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Norms for collaboration and author guidelines

pp. 73-78, Portuguese and English

DOI: 10.14568/cp17bm1

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Publication: 2013-7-22
Online: 2013-7-22

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