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Cover and technical information

p. 1, Portuguese and English

DOI: 10.14568/cp3-4fm1

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The housing conditions and the materials of a collection of pastels from José Malhoa and their implication on its conservation condition

Francisca Figueira, Rita Horta e Costa, Joana Campelo

pp. 3-16, Portuguese

DOI: 10.14568/cp3-4_1

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Arising, developing and disappearing of the rammed earth technique in Brasil

Dries van Eijk, Vicente Custódio Moreira de Souza

pp. 17-24, Portuguese

DOI: 10.14568/cp3-4_2

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Solvent reactivation of adhesives in textile conservation: survey and comparison with heat reactivation

Célia Medina, Cordelia Rogerson

pp. 25-38, English

DOI: 10.14568/cp3-4_3

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Natural dyestuffs from Antiquity to modern days

Maria Eduarda Machado de Araújo

pp. 39-51, Portuguese

DOI: 10.14568/cp3-4_4

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Renovation, overpainting, inpainting: strategies of the painter-restorer in Portugal, from the 16th to 19th century. Ideological reasons for the iconoclast and the iconofylic practices, or the concept of «utilitarian restoration» versus «scientific restoration»

Vitor Serrão

pp. 53-71, Portuguese

DOI: 10.14568/cp3-4_5

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About the use and disuse of some terms related to the materials constituents of works of art

António João Cruz

pp. 73-78, Portuguese

DOI: 10.14568/cp3-4_6

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On the interest and actuality of the university museums of Earth Sciences: the cases of Bensaúde and Décio Thadeu Museums of Instituto Superior Técnico

Luís Aires-Barros

pp. 79-84, Portuguese

DOI: 10.14568/cp3-4_7

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Innovative tools for environmental and damage evaluation of objects in museums. Balance of the COST Action G8 Training School that took place in Malta

Paula Menino Homem

pp. 85-88, Portuguese

DOI: 10.14568/cp3-4_8

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Emergency planning – IFLA DISASTER. Preparedness and Planning

Isabel Raposo Magalhães

pp. 89-90, Portuguese

DOI: 10.14568/cp3-4_9

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La Conservation en trois Dimensions: Plan d'Urgence, Expositions, Numérisation, Paris, 8-10 March 2006

Isabel Raposo Magalhães

pp. 91-92, Portuguese

DOI: 10.14568/cp3-4_10

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Author guidelines

pp. 93-95, Portuguese

DOI: 10.14568/cp3-4bm1

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Publication: 2007-3-27
Online: 2017-10-3

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